Lucelo G. Delgra, LMT



 "I'm 45, but when Lucelo first started working on me, I felt like I was 65.  I could barely lift a quarter my usual weights at the gym without pulling something, and had to be careful taking the groceries out of the car. and I couldn't run a mile before my knees gave out.  Now, I'm stronger than I was at 25.  I'm lifting heavier and more aggressively than I've ever been able to, and I'm up to 9 miles a week, and steadily climbing.  Strength takes personal commitment--but Lucelo matches me with an equal commitment to helping my muscles release tension, and learn to behave.  He constantly studies, and re-examines his own techniques, then adapts them to my unique needs. I am indebted to his healing touch." James C.

 "I can't imagine finding a Massage therapist with more knowledge and skill.  Lucelo's magic handshave relieved me of chronic pain in my back and neck and made it possible for me to return to full mobility!  He always knows exactly where I need work the most.  I feel Great and I owe it to him."
     -Sarah P.
 "Lucelo is the Best Massage Therapist I have ever had.  I have been getting massages for about nine years, and it is difficult to find the two things at which Lucelo excels.  1) He works on areas requested by the client.  Many massage therapists have routine and do that routine even when you tell them to just focus on your back!  2) He has a gift of finding knots and tension points and then spends the time to work them out.  I highly recommend Lucelo Delgra as a massage therapist!  He is a terrific therapistand excellent upbeat person as well.  
      -Kristen C.
 "Lucelo has been integral to moving my complicated knee injury towards health.  Through active release and other methods he always finds "the spot" and patiently massages it out - all while carrying on pleasant conversation and answering my (many) health - related questions!  I am thrilled to have found such a down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and sincere massage therapist dedicated to getting my knee back up and running again(literally!).  If you are looking for a quality massage therapist in the
DC area, you need look no further than Lucelo Delgra.
      -Maria G.
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